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Texas Pigeons, American Socks, French Toast

Although I hear Fall doesn’t officially begin until the 22nd, this was one of the first days I could feel the season starting to arrive. For once it was cool enough for me to sit outside and enjoy a delicious cup of Fog Cutter Blend coffee from Austin Java, and enjoy it I did. I also enjoyed the following scene that took place at the table across from me.

Someone left a plate of French Toast on a nearby table (most likely not foreseeing the metaphor that that small act would birth). I sat and I watched as the toast sat there, patiently waiting to be nibbled. A moment later about five hungry pigeons descended onto the table to do just that. As the pigeons nibbled and pecked at the toast, a gathering of smaller birds arrived only a few feet away, eyes wide open, lustfully watching the pigeons have their way with the poor, sweet bread.

Every once in a while one of the smaller birds would muster up the courage to fly up to the table to try and grab a bite. Each time this would happen the ravenous pigeons would flap their wings and scare off the little guy. But, if one of the small birds ever did get a morsel from the pigeons, he would always share it with his friends (something none of the pigeons were doing).

As I sat and watched this unfold, I couldn’t help but think that there must be some sort of metaphor or life lesson I could learn from the scene. Over and over again the same thing would happen. A small bird would fly up, the big and tough pigeons would flap their wings, the small bird would fly away; but that tenacious small bird would always fly up again, grab a small bite, and bring it back to his friends.

What could all this mean? What was the natural world trying to teach me? Big, tough pigeons controlling the delicious toast and keeping it all to themselves; ignoring the smaller, weak birds struggling just to get some bread for themselves and their friends?

As I was sat there, deep in thought, attempting to figure it all out, a women walked up and scared all of the birds away and took their treasured French Toast. She was wearing socks that said USA in bold letters on the sides.

I still never figured out the metaphor though.